Volunteer Signup Process

  • Click Login if you previously registered or Register to setup a Login.
  • Go to the Crew Signup Option
  • Select up to 3 Crews
  • Add any comments you wish, like special needs, concerns, etc.
  • Click the Submit Request link.
  • You can return any time to Crew Signup option to check the status of your request or to send an email to the Volunteer Coordinator.
  • Processing crew requests may take up to 1 week. Be Patient, we are volunteers too.

Other Information

  • You can manage your contact information by selecting the Family Member option.
  • Click the Display Name link. Update your profile. Save changes.
  • You can also add and manage volunteer requests for other family members or friends
  • Go to the Family Member Option
  • Click Add Family Member. Fill in the required information (red arrows). Click Add User.
  • You can now go to the Crew Signup Option. Select the person from the dropdown list. Select crews. Then, Submit the Request.
  • You can check the status of any Family Member request by returning to Crew Signup option and selecting the family member.

Volunteer Crews


Massage Therapy crew members who reside in a state which requires licensing, must be licensed, and produce evidence of such to FRFF.  Massage Therapy crew members who reside in states such as Pennsylvania, in which Licensing has been implemented but are allowing MT's significant time to put in their licensing applications: must produce a certification in the form of a Diploma from a state licensed massage therapy institute.  MT crew members must bring a massage TABLE(no massage chairs), sheets, lotions, a portable clock or watch, disinfectant gell hand wash, paper towels, pens, and anything else needed to perform MT.  No equipment or supplies will be provided. Crew members must arrive Thursday early evening and meet at the rear of the food tent with Crew Chief.  MT's will work  Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.   MT's are expected to provide "hands-on" massage therapy(not Reike).  MT&a

Parking and Traffic - Festival

The Festival Parking Crew directs incoming traffic to parking areas during the Festival.  This is a crew for those who love to be out in the open.  Punctuality, communication and team work are required for this crew.  Please be sure to bring sunblock, a hat, and rain gear - including boots.  Arrive on site by 5pm Thursday evening.  Everyone must attend a mandatory 9 AM Friday meeting.

Safety and Security - Festival

The Safety and Security crew does a wide variety of tasks to help keep all the various elements of the festival working safely together.  Duties include checking wristbands, patrolling the campgrounds, reporting unsafe conditions, assisting people with problems.  Volunteers will have a radio while on duty and will communicate any questionable behavior or activities to the crew chief.  Festival Security begins on Thursday.  There will be a meeting on Thursday at 6:00 pm.

Teen Crew

Teen Crew serves three purposes: to support the work of other crews, to help young volunteers explore various volunteer jobs with the goal of finding the best placement for them as adult volunteers, and to help festival-goers meet unexpected needs which fall between the cracks of the existing crew structure.  Teen crew work includes - but is not limited to - regular site checks to ensure that the festival is going smoothly, placement at front gate, kid's tent, and food service, guest services and guidance, and basic grounds maintenance as needed.  Teen crew is open to teens under the age of 18; it opens on Thursday afternoon, and runs from 8am to 8pm during the festival (8 am to 4 pm on Sunday).  All teen crew members will be expected to do a minimum of two 2-hour shifts each day.

Teen crew meets near the Security trailer by the Troll Bridge.

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